Leapwebhosting For Your Reseller Hosting Needs

My initial visit to https://leapwebhosting.com/reseller-hosting revealed one thing – LeapWebHosting puts its money where its mouth is. Have you ever notice that the last thing a business wants to talk about is price? They want to show you all the bells and whistles and then convince you that price shouldn’t matter. Well, this is not the case at LeapWebHosting.com. The first thing that appears on the LeapWebHosting website are the packages that are offered and the prices for each of these packages. This is risky, as it could cause click-aways. However, I like it. It’s honest. It’s upfront. Still, I would be remiss if I didn’t dig deeper.

I found the charges for bandwidth and disk space to be extremely reasonable. I also liked that many features were included in the package. One thing that stood out to me in particular was that LeapWebHosting offers free migration to their service. This will save existing resellers a ton of man hours and additional costs.

As I scrolled further down, I noticed that resellers can take care of fully anonymous hosting. This means that website URL’s can be created that represent the client’s businesses and not the name of the host provider. After all, nothing makes a website seem less than legitimate than a URL that is patterned as www.myawesomewebsite.(resellername).com vs. www.myawesomewebsite.com. This is a simple thing that truly matters a lot! I like that this website respects the work that the clients of resellers put into creating their web presence. I also specifically appreciate that LeapWebHosting is willing to provide the framework and then step out of the limelight so that the consumers can shine.