Hosting Resellers

Every website on the internet needs to be hosted somewhere. Many webmasters even purchase plans from multiple hosting providers to put each of their websites on different IP addresses (for SEO reasons). This makes for a huge market within the web hosting industry. Reseller web hosting companies are making hundreds to thousands of dollars per month off of nothing more than reselling space from another company. If you’re looking to get into this business but don’t know much about server administration then reseller plans are going to be the best choice for you. One downside to getting a new reseller business of the ground is that you normally have to pay most providers just to get your reseller account setup. Not only that, hosting is one of the biggest “come-and-go” industries out there. You certainly don’t want to resell services for a company that isn’t going to be around a year or two from now. This means finding a reputable hosting company is just as important as administration. Thankfully, we have the solution for you! We can save you the time and money needed to get your reseller account going by creating your very own free web hosting reseller account. View the reputable providers listed below and decide who you would like to start reselling for. Get your reseller account setup and begin selling web hosting in just minutes! Reseller Hosting

Leapwebhosting is proved to be one of the most customer friendly and trusted company. The uptime is very high and support is very fast. Prices might not be the cheapest out there but the experience is totally worth it.


MZHost Hosting
MZHost is one of the most reputable companies in the industry today. Not only for web hosting, but also for domain registrations. This company caters to resellers and loves to see them succeed. They offer wonderful support and give you the ability to sell Linux web hosting plans. They also give you the ability to resell other services through them such as SSL certificates and domain name registrations. Reseller prices are extremely affordable which means you can easily bump the price up some and make a decent return on every sale you generate. We highly recommend MZHost because they also provide a full service that gives you the ability to custom code you own website and sell services as if you were never using a reseller account.