A Great Reseller Hosting Opportunity

MZHost.com is the “go to” website when it comes to getting up-to-the-minute data on what is happening in the webhosting and web reselling industry. I recommend adding this website to your favorites and paying a visit to MZHost on a regular basis, for it is truly your “finger” on the pulse of this industry.

So, what’s happening now? The great deals offered by MZHost.com  representative reseller hosting provider, cpanel are being featured. Looks like every pricing tier is now being offered at the rock bottom price of $1 per month. This pricing offer includes no reduction in the features and services that are normally offered at prices that top out at $42.95 each month!

And what about those prices even without the discount? Forty two dollars and ninety five cents a month for huge disk space and internet bandwidth, and unlimited domain name, domain reseller, SSL certification, and account transfer? And that’s the highest price!!!

Are you a webmaster that is hosting multiple websites and managing multiple domain names? Maybe you need help managing all of that. That’s great. Cpanel provides services that help you with those tasks. If you are ready to go to the next level, cpanel can also assist you to become a profitable reseller.

 Whatever the path, you will have full time customer support to back you up, and that’s an amazing way to start a turnkey web hosting business. I think we’ve hit a gold mine of support, features, and pricing with this offer, and I urge you to take advantage of it as well.