Why Join Us?

There are some pretty good perks that come with reselling domain registration or web hosting services. Special promotions, discounted pricing and API access are just a few really good ones. The biggest problem is that in order to get these perks many of the top registrars require you to pay them a registration fee, setup fee, or some other kind of fee so you can gain the reseller status. Some charge yearly and some charge just a one time non-refundable fee. Whatever the reason or fee may be – Our job is to get you that same reseller status, but without having to pay the fees! How is this possible? Well, since we’ve already gone out and paid these fees ourselves, we can create sub-reseller accounts directly under us. This gives you the same reseller access that we have, but in your own environment. This is perfect for those who are just getting into the reseller business or those who only need certain features from a registrar such as API access. Save yourself the initial non-refundable fees and create your free domain or web hosting reseller account through us. You get the same reseller access, promotions and pricing – But without the fees!