Becoming a Successful Reseller

Thousands of new domains are registered each day. There is plenty of business out there for domain resellers to make good money. The key is getting the right traffic coming into your website and getting that traffic to register or transfer their domain names with you. Use some of the tips laid out below and you should see an increase in traffic from people who might actually buy through you!

Include Free Whois Privacy – The domain reseller accounts that we offer with ResellerClub allow for all domain resellers to add free whois privacy onto any domain. This gives you the ability to not make any profit from it (unless you want to) and offer it for free to your customers. Allot of people purchase whois privacy on all domains they register. This is a good method to pull some of those people your way because they would save some extra cash without having to buy privacy protection.

Make Short YouTube Videos – YouTube gets allot of traffic and people do search YouTube for domain related material. Get some videos up there promoting your website and registration prices. You can even include the free whois deal if you decide to go that route. This would drive some free traffic!

Advertise ccTLD Prices through PPC – Don’t bother using adsense to try and compete with .COM and .NET related terms. GoDaddy, and many others will always beat you with domain prices here. Instead, try to pick terms for country code domains such as register .ASIA or .PW registration and you should find cheaper PPC (Pay-Per Click) prices and traffic that will register ccTLD domains!

Your domain reselling business can be profitable, you just have to get creative with it! Promoting only major extensions can be difficult because bigger businesses spend lots of money to assure they get as much traffic from those major extensions as possible. Setup your free domain reseller account through us and come up with a good game plan. Promote and start earning more revenue today!